By Joanna Jackson
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Joanna Jackson
Joanna Jackson was born in 1982, in Montserrat. She moved to the neighboring island, Antigua, in 1983. There, she grew up in a little bit of paradise, amongst a family of artists. Her mother, who still lives in Antigua, was, and still is, her biggest influence. . At 17 years old, she put painting aside and moved to Hollywood to pursue her passion for theatrical make-up. She attended Joe Blasco Make-up Center, where she took both the Professional Make-up Artistry course and the Advanced Prosthetics course. Upon graduation in March of 2000, she was ready to make her dreams come true. She began moving from set to set working on jobs such as Head Make-up Artist for Director Percy Adlon's Hawaiian Gardens  with actor Richard Roundtree. Her career was starting to look promising, but she missed her beautiful island home. In October of 2000, she returned to Antigua, and hasn't seen LA since. Back on the island, she worked with a good family friend and photographer, Ken Maguire, as his assistant. He introduced her to Caribbean Crews, a local film company, who hired her for films and music videos for artists such as, Fatboy Slim where she worked as an assistant make-up artist. In between jobs, she found herself with a lot of spare time. Before she knew it, she was painting again. 
   In 2001, she moved to Charleston, SC, to pursue life as an artist in America.  Through the years, with dedication and perserverance, her style has blossomed and her technique has improved. In 2005, she designed and crafted a line of miniature  replicas of famous buildings in Charleston. In 2006, she signed with the South Carolina based company Vista Art, (, who distribute prints to gift shops all over South Carolina. In the summer of 2007, she decided to broaden her horizons. She spent a month studying new and ancient painting techniques in Florence, Italy. 

    Joanna's work has appeared in shows across the globe, in places such as Charleston SC, Florence Italy, and Woods Center, Antigua. Her work continues to evolve as she welcomes clientele from all over the globe. It is her hope that her paintings will be seen far and wide.

  Please visit my parents website, and read about my Fathers sound studio, and my Mothers art studio, at

Artist Statement:
  I like to paint the beauty I perceive in the things I see around me.  I am able to paint almost anything my eye can comprehend, and I enjoy the challenge of the finest detail.  I am constantly seeking out new techniques, styles and subjects.  The challenge of learning something different and new, thrills me.  Though one day I may settle on one subject, for now, I am enjoying the variety.  The one constant in all my artwork, is the bold contrasting color and attention to detail.  I want my artwork to inspire, and bring a smile to whomever should look upon it.

Group Shows
April 9th, 2001 - Kulture Klash VII-, N Charleston, SC
March 18th & 19th, 2011 -  Lock-In, Eye Level Art, Charleston, SC
January 8th 2011 - Elvis,  Charleston, SC
December 18th - Presents from Punks, Mellow Mushroom, King St, Charleston SC
December 11th - Group Show, PS Studios, Charleston, SC
November 2009 "Starving Artists" Kulture Klash & FR3SH, N Charleston SC
October 2009, "Inlaws CD Release Party", Eye Level Art, Charleston SC
September, 2009 "20 Hour Lock In" - Eye Level Art,  103 Spring St, Charleston SC
August 1st 2009 -"FR3SH", 6 Pitt St, Charleston SC
June 13th 2009 - "Ones and Zero's", Eye Level Art, Charleston SC
May 30th 2009 - "Portrait Slam" Eye Level Art, Charleston SC
May 22nd-June 6th 2009 - "Piccolo Spoleto", Marion Square, Charleston SC
August 22nd 2008 - "Munny Show 2.0", Redux & Bzar, 136 St Philip St. Charleston, SC
July 18th 2008 7pm-9pm- "Cubic x Square Foot Show',  195 Chrystie St. Ste 200  New York, NY
July 2007 - 'Accademia D'arte',  Michaelangelo Language School, Florence, Italy
June 14th 2007 - 'DAB & Joanna Jackson', Art Reception at  MUSC Wellness Center,  Charleston, SC
May 2007 - "Portraits",  Woods Gallery, Antigua, Caribbean.
March  2007 - "Art and Wine", Mad River bar and Grill, Charleston, SC

Live Painting
October 2009 - 'BarCampCharleston", N Charleston SC
October 2009 - "The Movement", Pour House, Charleston SC
October 2009 - "Shinefest Charleston', Joe Riley Stadium, Charleston SC
August 2009 - "Trade Pandemic" Music Farm, Charleston SC
August 2009 - " Trade Pandemic", Art Bar, Columbia, SC

Solo Shows
March 2009 - "Joanna Jackson", East Bay Meeting House, Charleston, SC
May 20th 2006 – “Painting the Town”, Canvas Creations Gallery, Charleston, SC
January 2005-“The beginning”, personal studio, Charleston SC

3rd Place, 2008, N Charleston Juried Arts Competition, "46 Wentowroth St."
3rd Place, 2009, Charleston Artist Guilds Annual Members Show "Mikayla & Julia"

"Expansion Arts Fund Grant",  2009,  awarded grant to complete a life sized sculpture of a firefighter.

March 18th & 19th - Eye Level Art, video work, and assisting curating of the show, Eye Level Art, Charleston, SC
January 15th 2011 - FR3SH Portrait Slam,  Redux Contemporary Art Center, 136 St Philip St. Charleston, SC
August 2009 - "FR3SH Lock in" in collaboration with Bennett Goodman and Tina Christophillis , Charleston SC,
November 2009 "Starving Artists" - FR3SH, in collaboration with Bennett Goodman, Charleston SC

Publications/Media Coverage
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March 19th 2011 - Eye Level Art Lock In, City Paper - read article
January 17th, 2011 - FR3SH, Portrait Battle, City Paper - read article
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October 26th, 2010 -Muddy Waters "Shibboleth", City Paper - read article
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